Use Your Facebook Account as Your “Page” in 3 steps

When you are the administrator of a fan page on facebook, you have the ability to navigate through facebook, post links, update status and more, as the identity of your page. For example, when I log into my account, I am logged on as Peter Garian. So when I post a link or update my status, it is displayed on facebook as “Peter Garian”. However, if I wanted to share and post on facebook using the name of my page, this would also possible. When you switch to “use as page” everything you share and post on facebook will show up as being posted by your page. It’s a great tool for when you are engaging the audience that would be interested in your page.

3 Steps for Using your Facebook account as Your Page

Step 1.
Click “Account” in the upper right corner.

Step 2.
After clicking on the account link you will see a drop down menu. Choose “use facebook as page”.

Step 3.
A window will open up showing all facebook pages that you administer. Choose “Switch” to change over and use facebook as your page.

Now when you use facebook, any links you post, and any status updates you make, will be made under the name of your page.

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