Using Twitter for Your Business

Interested in using Twitter for your business? Where do you begin?

You have seen it everywhere, “follow us on twitter”. It’s seems to be working for everyone else, maybe you should get your business on twitter so you can have followers for your business, right? Sure why not. But before you get started there are some things you should be aware of.

Follow before you can be followed:

Most people or businesses think they will just join twitter, get followed and spread their message to potential customers and clients and new business will pour in. Not so fast. On the twitter platform the only way people will ever actually be aware of your message is if they follow you. When logging into twitter there is a home news feed displaying the latest “tweets” of all the people that account is following. If they were not being followed, anything they wrote about would not appear in the news feed. So, the most important thing in using twitter, if you want people to see your message is to have followers. But if you are a new account holder or have an account that’s fairly idle, you probably won’t have many followers (unless you are a public figure or celebrity). Which means that anything you send out over twitter or “tweet” about will not be heard by anyone aside from the few followers that you may have. So, how can you get people to follow your business on twitter? To get followers you must first follow others! The best way to choose how to follow others is using the search feature in twitter to find who writes or tweets about what interests you. Also you will want to follow people who are in your industry, not only can you learn from them, but people who follow them, may also be interested in what you have to say as well. As you search out and find people that seem interesting, follow them. This is where it all begins. Often times people will follow you back after you follow them out of courtesy. You will notice as you peruse twitter that quite often the number of people someone follows is very closely related to the number that is following them.

Join the Conversation:
Now that you have found some people to follow, make a habit of checking your news feed for tweets that are interesting. What you will want to do next is to converse with these individuals by replying and/or mentioning them. This is done by composing a tweet of your own and mentioning the person in your tweet by using @theirname (which is the username in twitter) in the message. For example, you come across a tweet you like and is relevant to your business, you can “mention” it it your tweet such as; “just read the article on how to use twitter for your business by @petergarian and it was a great article.” Now if Peter Garian is monitoring his account like he should, he will take notice of this and will check out your profile. And often times follow you back!

Re-Tweeting and Creating Tweets:

If you mention someone and they visit your profile and you have no tweets, they may not follow you. SO while it’s basically the equivalent of talking to yourself, you want to be creating tweets even if you don’t have any twitter followers for your business yet. Another effective strategy for using twitter is the re-tweet. This is when you simply re-post an exact tweet that someone else created. A good way to do this may be to use a combination of the @mention strategy and the retweet, or RT, together. Like this; “Cool article from @petergarin. I RT the post and wrote something similar at” You would then also RT the tweet like you said you did in your mention. Re-tweeting someones post can also get you followers. Just be sure that you have created some tweets yourself too. You want to have content for potential followers to be able to see.

Promote your Business on twitter, off twitter:

Be like everyone else and ask for it. You see it everywhere – “follow us on twitter.” Now you business can ask for the same courtesy. Good place to promote your twitter business page are in your email signature. Everytime you send an email people will be exposed to your twitter address. Over time this will gain you some followers. Also add it to your business cards and your print advertising. The more you promote your business twitter account the more you will find followers.

Have some other ideas on how to get twitter followers for your business? Let us know, we’d love to hear them.

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