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Social Media and Social Networking is about friends, not strangers.

People want to feel safe, and they want to trust the services and products they use. Advertising and marketing changed with search engines. No longer was the old way of marketing working. “Interrupting” people with ads and messages lost it’s edge. People have learned to tune out advertisements. But when search came along, everything changed. People knew what they wanted already, they just needed to be told who to use, who to hire, or where to buy it. And with that, the Search Engine was born. Google claimed the market and became a multi-billion dollar success. But lately things have changed somewhat. We all use search to find what we are looking for but the level of trust we put into the results we get is not what it used to be.

Enter the customer review site. Sites like and others allow ratings and reviews from real people who have actually used or experienced the very product or service you yourself are interested in. In fact, almost 90% of all online searchers and shoppers read the customer reviews of the products and services they are researching. And almost 50% of those users solely base their decision to buy on or not, on those reviews. Again people want to have a level of trust before they will buy. Review sites have brought trust to the online experience. However, the reviews that were being written, where most likely written by people you don’t actually know. Enter social networking and how businesses are naturally becoming a part of it, whether or not they want to.

Social Media and Social Networking – the new word of mouth referral.

If you are a user of social media like facebook, you have seen this before or actually done it yourself. If you are not a facebook or social networking user you will have to… trust.
So, how many times have you seen this on a facebook wall post; “Anyone know were to find a good mechanic?” that post will be followed up by no less than a dozen responses. And this type of interaction goes on all the time, for any type of product or service that people might be looking for. Can you imagine the level of trust that exists when a friend or known acquaintance recommends something you know you want? The trust factor is huge! It’s the online equivalent of word of mouth referral. When friends recommend something, it’s almost a guaranteed sale. But, even if you have a thousand friends on facebook, you can’t be friends with everyone who could ever be your potential customer… So how do you ensure your business is top of mind when people are asking for recommendations inside a social network like facebook?

With “Facebook Pages” – The Business Side of Social Networking.

Facebook saw a growing demand for businesses to be able to communicate and connect inside of social networks. So, along came facebook pages. Pages is for businesses what a profile would be for an individual user. It allows a company to create a persona within the social network and to communicate with it’s fans. Fans are what friends would be to the individual social networker. And it’s all about making new… fans. Facebook fans are special because you don’t have to be friends what that person for them to talk about and promote your business. Everyone has a limited number of friends, but on facebook, there is no limit to the amount of fans you can have. For example; if you were to create a facebook page for your business and promote it in the way that we will show you, every fan you get, will share their enthusiasm with their entire network of friends, and their friends friend’s and their friends friend’s and on and on until you have reached your full potential in the world of social networking.

Getting your company started with facebook pages.
Using facebook pages for your business will soon become a necessary part of doing business online. The world of internet marketing moves fast and if you don’t keep up, you will most certainly fall behind. Be successful in today’s world. Learn how to market your business on facebook with facebook pages for businesses.

Setting up your social networks – get it right the first time.
You want your business online and you want to communicate with your potential customers, make sure they are able to find you by starting off on the right foot. And if you’ve already started, be sure you are doing right. Don;t waste time creating all your profiles and online personalities just to find out you did it wrong!

Social Media Marketing Tips
Read about the best tips and tricks for today’s social media marketing. The social media world is constantly changing. Keep ahead of the competition with all the latest tips and tricks in the social media marketing world.

Social Media Marketing Training
Become an expert in social media with training from social media experts. Learn everything you need to know about social networks and how to use them in your business. No matter what level you are starting out at, you can always learn something new. Social media marketing training is great for those just getting started in social media and looking for a solid foundation on which to build. Get social media marketing training in a quick and easy to learn format that will fast track your social media success.

Social Networking for Business Marketing
Marketing a business in today’s world must include a social media strategy. It is the new marketing medium and your business needs to be a part of it. Learn about social media and social networking from a business marketing standpoint and discover all the fun and interesting ways you can promote a business in today’s world wide web.

How to better engage your customers
Many people begin their social media strategies but they don’t learn what it really takes to make them work. Or they simply feel creatively blocked or that their efforts are stale or simply ineffective. Change all that with ideas for how to better engage your customers, fans and friends within your social networks.

Social networking marketing plan
Having a plan for your social marketing is key. Developing a strategy for how you are going to promote your business within the social networking world is the key to your success. Without a plan you efforts could fall short. Like any marketing and promotional effort, good planning will help make it more successful. Get some ideas on how to plan out your social media and social network marketing.

Using facebook for business
The most important social network today is facebook. It is the fastest growing and still the most popular. It is showing no signs of going away. More and more businesses are using facebook to promote their goods and services. It is more important than ever to have a presence on facebook that will allow people to connect with you and learn about you and your business.