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LinkedIn has become an important part of a businesses social media presence. Establishing a good social media marketing campaign should include a LinkedIn strategy. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your message is received by all potential customers, partners, associates and the like. LinkedIn is a social network that has become a powerful part of these social media marketing efforts. The most known social networks are facebook, followed by twitter. And while most companies today have involved themselves in facebook and twitter, many are still not using LinkedIn to it full potential, and this is a mistake. There are many aspects of LinkedIn that will benefit your business. Setting up a LinkedIn account and getting your message out there using the LinkedIn platform is another important part of your social media marketing efforts.

At Social Networkz – We help grow your business with social media.

  • Have us create and launch your social networking accounts on your behalf. This is obviously the first step in getting started with social networking. If you already have social networking accounts set up, we will help you ensure these accounts are working for you to their fullest potential (This includes an online, webcast training which will show you how to best use your social networking accounts). Once your accounts are set up and arranged for maximum potential, you will have the option to manage your social media marketing efforts on your own or have Social Networkz manage your social media marketing on your behalf. The choice is yours.
  • Social Media Marketing is a way to send your message out to potential customers or clients, while at the same time being able to interact with those individuals who will benefit you and your business. LinkedIn has become a necessary part of your marketing message in today’s world of social media marketing. Like facebook and twitter, using LinkedIn for your business will be a way for you to create content, publish information and marketing messages about your company. Brand your business and update and connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

    But like facebook, Twitter and newcomer Google Plus; updating, posting, messaging and publishing timely, useful and interesting content can be extremely time consuming. Social Media Marketing is an ongoing process. To be successful with your social media campaigns, it will be important that you stay engaged and relevant to your audience. Because if you don’t, they will quickly move on to companies and brands that do; probably your competition.

    So, how do you create a killer social media presence and manage your social media marketing efforts? With a social media manager. Like any of the tasks you delegate, the purpose of having someone do it for you is to save time and increase productivity. Which in turn helps your business grow faster and become more profitable. Another reason to delegate certain tasks is simply that someone on your team or within your company has certain skills that others may not have, or simply don’t have the interest in learning. As a business owner or manager it is your job to ensure that the business is getting the biggest return on the efforts that are put out. Especially in marketing.

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