Facebook for Business

Included in your service is a facebook business page. A facebook business page is how you showcase your business on facebook. It is different than your personal account. It is a fan page where people can go to “Like” your business on facebook. We set up your account for you and then, teach you how to use it. Or we can manage your page for you ensuring you get the most of what facebook has to offer.

  • We Make Your Facebook Page for Your Business – We create your facebook and social media marketing accounts, and then teach you how to use them effectively right from your computer at home.
  • Facebook Page Management – After your facebook page has been created we can promote your page for you. Helping you get new customers, more leads and more sales from the world’s largest and most popular social networking site. Your business will grow with our social media management service.

We build it, develop it and show you how to use it
When you decide to have Social Networkz help you build your social media presence, you are making a major advancement in the way you market your business. Your business will have a top notch social media presence with a facebook business page, a twitter account where fans can follow you and engage with you, a LinkedIn profile and a Google Plus account all working to help spread your companies message to your fans. We make the process to get up and running, simple, easy and affordable. Save time on learning about social media and get ahead of your competition.

Facebook is not just for friends.
More and more people are using facebook to connect with local businesses and services. If you are an active facebook user, you are aware that people will ask for recommendations on things to do and where to go and services to trust. This is because there is a level of trust between facebook “friends”. And if you are a business on facebook and you can engage these friends or “fans” as they are called in the business side of facebook, you have the ability to build trust and generate a word of mouth referral that is priceless. No newspaper ad or billboard can give you this kind of impact.

Cost effective – It’s free!
Facebook is a free service. There are opportunities to advertise your business on facebook but you don’t have to. You can grow a great fan base and connect with more customers than ever before possible and it won’t cost you a thing. Engaging your fans and friends is the single most important task for promoting your business on social networks. Learning to create interesting content and offering services and goods that people will want to share will be the key to your success when using social media to generate new business. We show you the key steps to getting started. You will find results that are amazing and more affordable than any advertising medium.

Easy and Fun to Learn and Use.
There’s a lot to learn about facebook and they are constantly making changes and updates. But it’s not hard to get started. And if you are new to facebook, you will see that it can be a lot of fun too! If you are already a facebook user, you are well on your way to having a successful business on facebook. There are many similarities to using facebook in a personal way, and using facebook in a professional way. There are many differences too, but either way, getting on track to building a successful facebook page for your business is not far away. Learning the ins and outs of the business side of facebook will be the key to engaging your customers and growing your business with the power of facebook, and we will show you how. There is a reason that facebook is the fastest growing social network for small and medium sized businesses! Get started today.

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