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What Every Business Must Have Today.

Business owners and managers understand the need for a social media presence.
68% of US adults use social media at least once a day, everyday.

  • Generate Leads – 76% of Businesses say social media marketing is the number one lead generation channel for their business.
  • Make Sales – A consumer who connected with a company through social media was 80% more likely to make a purchase.

Setting Up and/or Optimizing Your Facebook Account

Social Networkz will make a facebook page for your business.

  • Promote Your Brand on Facebook
  • Generate Leads and Make Sales

Your facebook page will reflect your brand and company message. You will connect with new customers.

Using Twitter for Your Business

Having a social presence on Twitter is important. As part of your service, Social Networkz will;

  • Set up and Optimize your Twitter account
  • Help you create messages for promotion
  • Help you find and grow your followers

Getting Set up on LinkedIn

Just as we create your facebook and twitter page and profiles for you, we will also create your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is considered to be the 3rd most popular social network behind facebook and twitter so it’s only natural that you will want a portion of your social media marketing message to appear here as well. And just like your other profiles we will ensure that your accounts are set up as best as possible in order to deliver the message that you want to send. LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals who want to network with each other. However you don’t have to be a B2B business to benefit from the power of the LinkedIn network. We’ll show you how to get the most out of all your social networking accounts and deliver your message with social media marketing.

NEW! – Set Up Your Google Plus Account and Business Page

The newest and one of the fastest growing social networks is the new “Google Plus”. Google plus was developed by google as a personal and professional social networking platform. It has many features and many powerful options that can only add to your social media marketing efforts. As google plus grows, so will the reach of your businesses marketing message. Google plus works seamlessly with your other social networking accounts, giving you even more reach to your potential customers and existing clients and customers as well. We will create your google profile on your behalf and also create a Google Plus business page for your company, all as part of your social media presence development.

Your Social Networking Accounts built For You – Plus Free Training

Not only will Social Networkz create all the social networking accounts listed above as one service, we will also show you how to use them with our interactive training sessions that are done right over the computer in the comfort of your home or office. You will be able to ask questions during the training just as you would in a classroom. Your screen will show a live demonstration of all the features of the social networking accounts and how to use them. Giving you not only the initial social media presence that your business needs, but also giving you the tools and knowledge to make your social media marketing efforts a success! We will take all the time you need and ensure you fully understand how to manage your social media accounts and promote your business with social media.

What You Get – Recap of Service

    We Create or Update your Social Networking Accounts:

  • Create or Update Your Facebook Business Page
  • Create or Update Your Twitter Account
  • Create Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Create Your Google Plus Account

  • We provide you with a complete, one on one, training workshop on how to use all these accounts effectively and get you off and running with effective social media marketing strategies for your business. The Training Workshop is done live, over the computer at your convenience. So you can learn all about social media marketing right from your home or office. Ask as many questions as you want. **You will also receive a Free ebook detailing all aspects of your social media accounts. We can also help you create a social media marketing strategy and assist you in putting it into action. Start growing your business today, with social media!
  • Cost of Service – $399. One time charge. No monthly fees. Start now – Pay later.

    *****You are only charged once we have spoken directly and you have decided that this service is for you. Social Networkz also offers Social Media Management which will save you time and effort. Get Started With Social Media Marketing Today!

    Social Media Management

    Social Networkz can manage your social media marketing efforts for you. As social media managers, we take the time and effort that’s required for successful social media marketing, off your hands and provide you with the best service possible for promoting your business with social media. This will ensure that your social marketing tasks are performed to a level that will give you the most exposure for your business. We will communicate your brand and your message in a way that may not be possible without a social media manager. As a business owner or manager, it’s your job to ensure your business is growing. By delegating your social media marketing tasks to a social media manager, you are ensuring a positive return on your social networking efforts. Contact Us for more info on how we can provide you with a positive return on your social media marketing and help your business grow.

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