Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Competition

Outlined below are three simple steps that can be used to effectively promote your facebook business page by leveraging the traffic and fan base of your competition and larger companies.

Step 1. Find and Post information that is interesting.
A facebook page, and social media in general is about sharing. So be sure to share lots information with your audience. An easy way to start doing this is to just post information that you think is interesting. Even if it’s a link to another website, or a blog written by someone else. A common obstacle with this is that businesses don’t want to take the chance that someone will leave their page and go to a competitors page. Well, in today’s world of social sharing, it’s impossible to keep people on your site for very long. However, the question for websites today is — can you bring them back? If your page offers interesting information again and again, people will begin to use your site or page as a resource. They will follow you and connect with you on all the important social networks and soon you will find yourself with a loyal group of followers. And as long as you continue to provide them with interesting information, they will come back again and again. Don’t make the mistake of using all the posts on your facebook page just to promote your product or service. People will not respond and will likely not come back too often. Use your page to connect with facebook users. Ask questions, communicate directly with users (if appropriate) and most of all share information, even if the information isn’t yours.

Step 2. Connect with others in your industry.
The theme of social networking is sharing. Who better to talk about your product or service with than those in your own industry. Trade ideas, ask questions. Comment on their blogs, and connect with them on other social networking sites. It stands to reason that people interested in reading what your “competition” has to say about a particular topic, may be interested in what you have to say as well. If you are connected with these individuals in some way, people will find you, find your information and follow you to see what your opinion or offering might be. If you join the conversation you will undoubtedly be heard by others and those others could be future business partners, customers or clients.
Be sure to connect and use social networking for what it’s for, sharing and networking.

Step 3. Leverage the traffic of other facebook pages.
Chances are you aren’t running a fortune 500 company. If you are that’s great, and you can still use a facebook business page to promote your company. But if you are a small business that doesn’t have the name or brand recognition that some of the top brands in the world do, you can use this strategy to gain visibility for your facebook business page.
The first thing to do is to go to the facebook pages of the largest companies in your industry, or companies that are related to your industry or business and “like” their page. Once you do this, you will be able to comment on their wall. In essence what you are doing is using the large audience of the big companies to generate possible interest in your offerings. Now again, like posting on others’ blogs or websites you don’t want to blatantly promote your business. But if you make thoughtful, intelligent comments on others postings you can essentially leverage the traffic of the large companies and generate some interest to your page. Remember to post as your page and not your profile.

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