Marketing Land Site Launched Officially Today

Website and search marketing site Search Engine Land officially launched their sister site today – Marketing Land. I’ve been looking at marketing land since they were in beta mode December 1 2011. I liked what they offered. I am a fan of their flagship site Search Engine Land but the new site called Marketing Land seems to be a winner too.
The about us page of their longtime search engine land says this:

“Welcome to Search Engine Land! Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry.”

The Marketing Land about us page says this:

Welcome to Marketing Land! Marketing Land is a news and information site covering internet marketing, marketing issues and the online marketing industry.

As you can see very similar. But it made me think. Why the need for the two sites? Has search engine marketing diverged so dramatically from “Internet Marketing” that there needs to be a distinction? My personal thought is yes. Any company or business today needs to be thinking about their online presence. But the online presence of 5 years ago is not the same online presence of today. Businesses and marketers need to be thinking of a more blended approach to search marketing or Internet marketing. Many of the old rules still apply of course, but many new strategies have emerged and need to be implemented to ensure continued success or an opportunity for success. The most important aspect to driving traffic is still SEO, but on it’s heels is social media and mobile marketing. More and more people are turning to social channels to find what they are looking for. Asking friends in their social media circles for recommendations, and where to find the best this or that. And there are “findability” factors to social media marketing too. In fact, recent studies have shown that almost 40% of small businesses have reported that social media helps them “get found online”. Isn’t that what search marketing is all about? Getting found online? Yet here we have close to half of small businesses claiming the social media marketing had a direct impact on begin found online. Obviously, I’m not the only one aware of this. Which is why I think we now have – There’s too many other effective channels beyond straight seo that effect a businesses online presence. And to not pay attention to them could be a recipe for trouble. So needless to say I’m excited about this new website. Below is an excerpt from their site about why they developed it in the first place and what topics will be covered.

Here’s what they say at Search Engine Land:

“We know that many of our readers are also digital marketers looking for high quality content and coverage about internet marketing beyond search. That’s why, on our fifth birthday, we’re thrilled to formally announced the opening of our new sister-site, Marketing Land.

Rest assured, nothing is changing at Search Engine Land. Everything you’ve liked about the site will continue as before. There will remain a firm focus on search and search marketing issues.

But over at Marketing Land, we’ll have coverage that goes beyond search, including columns that begin this week in these key areas:

Affiliate Marketing
Analytics & Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing

If you’ve enjoyed Search Engine Land, please be sure to check out Marketing Land. We think you’ll love it.”

Well. I can tell you I have enjoyed it so far and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy it.

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