Make a Facebook Page for Your Business

Get your business on facebook with a facebook business page. Getting started is easy, and you don’t even need to have an existing facebook account. You will need to register for a personal profile, but this will allow you to have a facebook page, which is a great way to showcase your business.

Below is a step by step tutorial for launching your first facebook page.

Step one is go directly to and locate the link at the bottom of the page that says “create a page”.

After locating and clicking this link you will be asked to choose a category that will best fit your page. If your business is a local business, then choose local business, if you represent a band etc, choose the most appropriate category as seen below.

Once you select the category for your page, you will see a small form appear. Complete this form as best as possible to ensure accurate information for your facebook page. This information will be used in your page once you have completed the process for creating a facebook page.

After completing the form and checking the box to agree to facebook’s terms and conditions, you will then be given a security check. A box will appear and you will need to enter the information as it is displayed. This is done to ensure that the facebook page is being created by an actual person and not an automated program.

Once you enter the letters/numbers from the security box (also known as a captcha) you will be taken to the registration page. If you are new to facebook this is where you will need to create your personal facebook account or profile. Per Facebook’s terms and conditions anyone who wants to create a facebook page, must first be registered with a personal profile. If you are not interested in using facebook for personal communication you don’t have to do much with your personal account, but you do need to register one. Or you may want to consider a facebook business account. If you already have a facebook account, check the box in the top left that says “I have an existing facebook account” and proceed to log-in under your profile.

Once you log-in or create your new account, you will be taken directly to your new facebook business page. At this point you have created a basic facebook page. However, there is still lots to do before you have lots of followers and popular page. The first step will be to add a profile picture. This picture or image should clearly demonstrate what your page is about. If you have company logo add it as your profile picture so visitors coming to your page will know who’s page they are visiting.

Once you have added your profile picture you will want to get to know the facebook platform. There is a bit of a learning curve but take your time and it won’t be long before your facebook page is full of great information and has lots of followers and fans!

During the initial creation of your facebook page, facebook recommends that you perform certain tasks. Those tasks are shown as steps 1-6 on your home screen. Only you as the page administrator can see these tasks but as you add information to your page, be sure to complete these steps and grow your page’s audience.

If you would like Social Networkz to build and grow your social media presence for you, let us know and we’d be happy to help you get started with social media marketing.

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