Training Topics

You can learn about any topic regarding social media, Live! Social Networkz provides lessons on social networking basics, advanced techniques, and expert social media marketing strategies. All lessons are done over the phone, live, for up to an hour and include ad on-demand video and ebook/learning manual.

Choose a Topic:

Beginner Topics:
How to use Facebook – Navigating and using facebook basics.
How to use Twitter – Learning twitter and how to tweet
How to use LinkedIn – Learn how to set up and use LinkedIn
How to use Google+ – Getting started with Google+

Advanced Topics:
Advanced Facebook – Creating and Growing Your Facebook Business/Fan Page
Advanced Twitter – Growing your followers and your influence
Advanced LinkedIn – Increase your network in LinkedIn
Advanced Google+ – Setting up a Google+ Business page and growing your followers

Social Media Strategies:
Setting up lead capture systems in your social media efforts
Drive web traffic with social media
Increasing Conversions
Monitoring social networks
Communicating and connecting with fans/followers
Request a topic. Just tell us what you want to know and we will develop a lesson for you with no fluff and no upsell.

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