Live Training

Learn how to use social media one-on-one. You will work with a live social media expert at your own pace. Ask questions, discuss strategies and watch live from your computer how to use all the features within your social networking account.

  • Develop a baseline knowledge on how to use your social networking accounts
  • Learn advanced strategies and techniques
  • Choose your own lessons and learn at your pace.

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Here’s what you get with a live training session:

  • One-on-One Instruction from a social media expert right over the phone.
  • Ask questions, speed up or slow down. Learn at your pace.
  • On-Demand Video of your lesson. We record training sessions so you can go back and watch your lesson live at any time an unlimited number of times.
  • Lesson manuals. In addition to your live one on one training and on demand video, you will also receive lesson manuals in pdf format for you to study and learn.