Google+ for Business Is Here to Stay

The newest social networking site from search giant Google is here to stay. At less than a year old, it is already being touted by many experts as a game changer. There are a number of reasons as to why this could be true. The first reason is that it was developed by Google. Google is not a start up, they buy start-ups. So the fact that this particular social network is backed by the largest search engine on the planet is significant simply because they have the resources to put towards its promotion and development. The other question is does Google see social media as the way we will interact with search results in the future? How will companies use social media marketing in the future to influence search results?

Google seems to be into this one all the way. They have essentially added elements of Google+ to everything. All their apps, email, ads, even organic search results. The image below could be a good indication that social media marketing is here to stay. Google is using the fact that peer influence has a great deal to do with how we buy. Peer review sites, asking friends on social networks for who they recommend for this or that, shows that social media does influence how we buy, and Google seems to be paying attention. Now whether or not actual search results are influenced by the number of “likes” or “plus 1’s” it gets, remains to be seen. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, it did make a difference. Google is about relevancy and if a particular brand or business has received confirmation from actual Google users that it is at the very least, cool. Then it stands to reason that Google will take that into consideration when serving up search results.

See the image below; the individual who appeared in the results happens to be in my circles on the Google+ social networking site. When I typed “Coca-Cola” into the search bar I received results indicating that someone with who I interact within the social media world, has liked a particular result and that I should take that into consideration. Apparently Google sees the value of the social recommendation and is using it.

What does this mean for social media marketing? Will social media become more of an influence in how businesses create content and interact with potential customers and clients?

It would be wise for companies to pay attention to their social media marketing efforts and ensure that they are making every effort to connect with those who matter most, people.

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