Facebook for Business – Facebook is one of the top lead generation channels.

New studies have shown that facebook is one of the top methods used by small business owners to connect with customers and prospects. In feet, over 70% of small businesses claim facebook to be one of the top four resources used to find and connect with new customers. The only other methods that beat out facebook were, email at #1. Followed by face-to-face. Then telephone, and then facebook at number four. However, even though facebook is listed at number four, it’s the youngest communication channel of the three that come before it. Does that mean that within a few years facebook will overtake email? Facebook can be a great way to generate new leads and new customers if done right. Creating a business page, getting fans, and boosting your social media presence will take a little time and effort but if done correctly and done today, you will soon find yourself way ahead of the competition as facebook continues to move up the list of effective communication channels. Get ahead by getting started with your facebook business page today.

Twitter was the number five social network with 46% of small business owners claiming that it was an effective way to connect with new customers. Personally I believe that this number could be higher but unfortunately there seems to be an under use of twitter and its potential effectiveness for a business that want to use social media marketing to gain market share. The thing about using twitter for business is that if you are willing to connect and share with others in your industry, you will find yourself with an audience. But you have to do it right. The key to having success with twitter and any social network for that matter, is to first follow, before you can be followed. Many people and businesses join twitter thinking that because they have a great offering people will flock to follow them. Unless you already have an established brand this will not be the case. And even those who do have an established brand, if they are not providing their followers with timely and interesting content, they will find their social media marketing efforts on twitter falling short.

In behind twitter was LinkedIn the social networking site which connects professionals. LinkedIn is actually the third largest social network behind facebook and twitter but is still largely under utilized. For small business looking to create a presence with social media marketing, LinkedIn should definitely be a part of that approach. LinkedIn has many social sharing opportunities to spread the word about your company or service and they seem to be rolling out new features every few months. Like facebook, you will want to create two profiles, a personal profile showcasing you as a person. This will allow people to connect with you on a more personal level, and a LinkedIn business profile for your business. This will allow you to demonstrate your business as a brand and send your marketing message into the world of social media marketing. Creating profiles and business pages on at least the top three social networks will be the first step toward your success in social media marketing.

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