Facebook Business Page – How to Get Started.

Small businesses looking for affordable and effective ways to reach new customers are using “The facebook business page” or just, “facebook page” as it’s more commonly known. On facebook, an individual has a “profile” and a business has a “page”.

To be able to setup a business page on facebook, you will first need a personal profile. If you are already on facebook, you have a profile. If you have never used facebook before, you will need to set up a new profile. It takes only a minute and is completely free. Once you have a profile created, you will now be able to create your business page.

Creating a business page in facebook is quite easy, and can be completed in just a few steps. Simply click the link that says, “create a page” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have completed the basic steps for your page, the next step is to share some information on your page. The easiest way to share on facebook is through pictures. You also want your company logo on your page. However, it has been shown that a more personal photo will generate a better response. Facebook is about connecting with people and people will connect with those they trust and seem real. So be sure to add as many photos of you and your business as you can

After you have created your basic profile, launched your business page, and up-loaded some photos, you are ready to start promoting your page and getting what are called “likes”. In the world of facebook, the more likes you have, the greater the reach your message has. So the number one thing you want to focus on when starting your facebook business page, is growing your audience with “likes”. The easiest way to get likes, is by asking family and friends to “like” your page. All facebook users will know what it means when you ask them to “like your page”. Another way to grow on facebook is to ask customers or associates to like your page. If they like you in real life, they should have no problem liking you on facebook too. You can also offer incentives in exchange for a like on facebook like a discount of your goods or services etc. Every time you share and interact with your audience, you are creating opportunity for more likes. When you share with your fans, your information is seen by your fans, and the friends of fans as well. And the more likes you have, the greater the reach of your message.

Another way to get likes, is to pay for them by advertising on facebook. The use of facebook and all it’s features are completely free and as facebook claims on their homepage, “It always will be”. However, you do have the option to advertise to a very targeted audience. Facebook advertising can be very effective, just be sure to set budgets and spending limits so that you don’t accidentally spend too much money. Advertising on facebook is the fastest way to get likes to your facebook page. There is also the ability to precisely target your audience on facebook. You can set very specific criteria and ensure only the most relevant users are going to see your advertising.

Lastly – Remember to share. The key to your success on facebook will be based directly on, how often you share information that you and your audience are interested in. The key to any social media is going to be the sharing of information. And the more you give, the more you will get back. Get in the habit of taking a few minutes each day if possible to share any links, data, reports or news stories, or anything that your audience might be interested in. Keep it relevant to your business, and you will be well on your way to growing your facebook business page.

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