Using Twitter for Your Business

Interested in using Twitter for your business? Where do you begin?

You have seen it everywhere, “follow us on twitter”. It’s seems to be working for everyone else, maybe you should get your business on twitter so you can have followers for your business, right? Sure why not. But before you get started there are some things you should be aware of.

Follow before you can be followed:

Most people or businesses think they will just join twitter, get followed and spread their message to potential customers and clients and new business will pour in. Not so fast. On the twitter platform the only way people will ever actually be aware of your message is if they follow you. When logging into twitter there is a home news feed displaying the latest “tweets” of all the people that account is following. If they were not being followed, anything they wrote about would not appear in the news feed. So, the most important thing in using twitter, if you want people to see your message is to have followers. But if you are a new account holder or have an account that’s fairly idle, you probably won’t have many followers (unless you are a public figure or celebrity). Which means that anything you send out over twitter or “tweet” about will not be heard by anyone aside from the few followers that you may have. So, how can you get people to follow your business on twitter? To get followers you must first follow others! The best way to choose how to follow others is using the search feature in twitter to find who writes or tweets about what interests you. Also you will want to follow people who are in your industry, not only can you learn from them, but people who follow them, may also be interested in what you have to say as well. As you search out and find people that seem interesting, follow them. This is where it all begins. Often times people will follow you back after you follow them out of courtesy. You will notice as you peruse twitter that quite often the number of people someone follows is very closely related to the number that is following them.

Join the Conversation:
Now that you have found some people to follow, make a habit of checking your news feed for tweets that are interesting. What you will want to do next is to converse with these individuals by replying and/or mentioning them. This is done by composing a tweet of your own and mentioning the person in your tweet by using @theirname (which is the username in twitter) in the message. For example, you come across a tweet you like and is relevant to your business, you can “mention” it it your tweet such as; “just read the article on how to use twitter for your business by @petergarian and it was a great article.” Now if Peter Garian is monitoring his account like he should, he will take notice of this and will check out your profile. And often times follow you back!

Re-Tweeting and Creating Tweets:

If you mention someone and they visit your profile and you have no tweets, they may not follow you. SO while it’s basically the equivalent of talking to yourself, you want to be creating tweets even if you don’t have any twitter followers for your business yet. Another effective strategy for using twitter is the re-tweet. This is when you simply re-post an exact tweet that someone else created. A good way to do this may be to use a combination of the @mention strategy and the retweet, or RT, together. Like this; “Cool article from @petergarin. I RT the post and wrote something similar at” You would then also RT the tweet like you said you did in your mention. Re-tweeting someones post can also get you followers. Just be sure that you have created some tweets yourself too. You want to have content for potential followers to be able to see.

Promote your Business on twitter, off twitter:

Be like everyone else and ask for it. You see it everywhere – “follow us on twitter.” Now you business can ask for the same courtesy. Good place to promote your twitter business page are in your email signature. Everytime you send an email people will be exposed to your twitter address. Over time this will gain you some followers. Also add it to your business cards and your print advertising. The more you promote your business twitter account the more you will find followers.

Have some other ideas on how to get twitter followers for your business? Let us know, we’d love to hear them.

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Google+ Will Become a Social Media Powerhouse

Here is a great video on why Google+ will be a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media marketing. The video is an interview by Social Media Examiner with Jesse Stay who is the author of Google+ for Dummies. Jesse discusses why Google+ is good for consumers and businesses, and why Google+ will be a social media platform that is here to stay.

Jesse Stay from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

Since this interview, Google+ has released the Google+ Pages feature which is similar to facebook pages in the sense that it is a feature that is geared for use by businesses and other entities as opposed to an individual person. Setting up a Google+ Page for your business is very simple once you have created your personal Google+ account. If you have not yet signed up for Google+, you should. As you will see from this interview, it looks like the newest social media marketing platform will certainly be a force in the world of social networking.

Also, check out the article on how to get your Google+ Page set up in 5 easy steps. It’s a quick read with screenshots detailing exactly how to set up your personal Google+ account and then launch your Google+ page.

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Google+ for Business Is Here to Stay

The newest social networking site from search giant Google is here to stay. At less than a year old, it is already being touted by many experts as a game changer. There are a number of reasons as to why this could be true. The first reason is that it was developed by Google. Google is not a start up, they buy start-ups. So the fact that this particular social network is backed by the largest search engine on the planet is significant simply because they have the resources to put towards its promotion and development. The other question is does Google see social media as the way we will interact with search results in the future? How will companies use social media marketing in the future to influence search results?

Google seems to be into this one all the way. They have essentially added elements of Google+ to everything. All their apps, email, ads, even organic search results. The image below could be a good indication that social media marketing is here to stay. Google is using the fact that peer influence has a great deal to do with how we buy. Peer review sites, asking friends on social networks for who they recommend for this or that, shows that social media does influence how we buy, and Google seems to be paying attention. Now whether or not actual search results are influenced by the number of “likes” or “plus 1’s” it gets, remains to be seen. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, it did make a difference. Google is about relevancy and if a particular brand or business has received confirmation from actual Google users that it is at the very least, cool. Then it stands to reason that Google will take that into consideration when serving up search results.

See the image below; the individual who appeared in the results happens to be in my circles on the Google+ social networking site. When I typed “Coca-Cola” into the search bar I received results indicating that someone with who I interact within the social media world, has liked a particular result and that I should take that into consideration. Apparently Google sees the value of the social recommendation and is using it.

What does this mean for social media marketing? Will social media become more of an influence in how businesses create content and interact with potential customers and clients?

It would be wise for companies to pay attention to their social media marketing efforts and ensure that they are making every effort to connect with those who matter most, people.

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Social Media Strategies in 10 Steps or Less

Here are a few articles for getting started with social media marketing for your business. Create pages on facebook, and Google+. Promote your page. Get started with twitter, etc.

A few of the posts are from Social Networkz, and a few are not; all are useful. Each article provides a “how-to” in 10 steps or less. If you have one that you’d like to recommend, add it to the comments below!

Social Media Marketing Strategies that get it done in 10 steps or less:

Facebook Business Page:

Google+ Business Page

Using Facebook:

Using Twitter:

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Marketing Land Site Launched Officially Today

Website and search marketing site Search Engine Land officially launched their sister site today – Marketing Land. I’ve been looking at marketing land since they were in beta mode December 1 2011. I liked what they offered. I am a fan of their flagship site Search Engine Land but the new site called Marketing Land seems to be a winner too.
The about us page of their longtime search engine land says this:

“Welcome to Search Engine Land! Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry.”

The Marketing Land about us page says this:

Welcome to Marketing Land! Marketing Land is a news and information site covering internet marketing, marketing issues and the online marketing industry.

As you can see very similar. But it made me think. Why the need for the two sites? Has search engine marketing diverged so dramatically from “Internet Marketing” that there needs to be a distinction? My personal thought is yes. Any company or business today needs to be thinking about their online presence. But the online presence of 5 years ago is not the same online presence of today. Businesses and marketers need to be thinking of a more blended approach to search marketing or Internet marketing. Many of the old rules still apply of course, but many new strategies have emerged and need to be implemented to ensure continued success or an opportunity for success. The most important aspect to driving traffic is still SEO, but on it’s heels is social media and mobile marketing. More and more people are turning to social channels to find what they are looking for. Asking friends in their social media circles for recommendations, and where to find the best this or that. And there are “findability” factors to social media marketing too. In fact, recent studies have shown that almost 40% of small businesses have reported that social media helps them “get found online”. Isn’t that what search marketing is all about? Getting found online? Yet here we have close to half of small businesses claiming the social media marketing had a direct impact on begin found online. Obviously, I’m not the only one aware of this. Which is why I think we now have – There’s too many other effective channels beyond straight seo that effect a businesses online presence. And to not pay attention to them could be a recipe for trouble. So needless to say I’m excited about this new website. Below is an excerpt from their site about why they developed it in the first place and what topics will be covered.

Here’s what they say at Search Engine Land:

“We know that many of our readers are also digital marketers looking for high quality content and coverage about internet marketing beyond search. That’s why, on our fifth birthday, we’re thrilled to formally announced the opening of our new sister-site, Marketing Land.

Rest assured, nothing is changing at Search Engine Land. Everything you’ve liked about the site will continue as before. There will remain a firm focus on search and search marketing issues.

But over at Marketing Land, we’ll have coverage that goes beyond search, including columns that begin this week in these key areas:

Affiliate Marketing
Analytics & Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing

If you’ve enjoyed Search Engine Land, please be sure to check out Marketing Land. We think you’ll love it.”

Well. I can tell you I have enjoyed it so far and I’m sure I will continue to enjoy it.

Grow your business with social media marketing.

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Start a Google+ Page for your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Create your Google+ profile and Set up your google plus page in 5 easy steps.

1. Create a personal Google plus account. Google plus is now open to everyone and is quickly becoming an influence in the world of social networking and social media.
Use your gmail account to create your Google+ profile, or if you don’t have a gmail account create one. The easiest thing to do is go to the Google home page, and you will see a navigation bar across the top (or more recently it will appear as a drop down on the left). Simply click the link that says, “You+” to get started. A page looking like the one below will appear asking you to sign in or create a new account to get started.

Once you have signed in (or created an account) another drop down screen will appear asking you a couple of simple questions and suggesting you add a photo of yourself. You can do this now or update it later in your settings.

2.Next Google will suggest you add people to your circles. Circles are the primary way to connect and share on Google+. It allows you to categorize people into different groups , or “circles” based on how you interact with those individuals. Watch a video on how circles work – When you begin, Google will suggest certain people for you. You will be able to add people from your address book as well, including Yahoo, Hotmail and others.

A common question is, “What happens when you add someone to your circles?” Google’s explanation is this:

What happens when you add someone to a circle?

You can share with them and see what they’re sharing with you.
You can chat with anyone in your circles who also has you in their circles.
They’ll be notified and can add you to their own circles, but they’ll never see the names of the circles you’ve added them to.
They’ll appear on your public profile.

3. Once you’ve added people you know to your circles, Google will recommend for you to follow different people/personalities that may interest you. Add them as you wish.

4. Next update your profile with some more information about yourself such as, where you work where you went to school etc.

You also have another opportunity to add a profile picture here. Once you have completed this step, click next and you are taken to your new Google + profile where you are now part of one of the fastest growing social networks.

Here is what your new profile will look like. Notice at the bottom right corner there is a link that says, “Create a Google+ Page”
– Here is where you will create your page for your business, company, charity, band or whatever. Click this link and choose the category of your page as shown below. Complete the information Google requests and you will be instantly taken to your new page!

5. Promote and connect your Google+ Page to the world. As shown below you can spread the word about your page by connecting your Google+ page to your website, sharing with friends and sharing circles, and promoting you page link just about anywhere you can think of.

Read about the features of the Google+ Page Here

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Best Blog Posts of 2011

I am an avid fan/reader of website magazine. Recently they published an article with the title – The Top 100 Blog Posts of 2011. Now I usually take the time to read almost every page of my new issue of website magazine but this was one I was forced to just skim. Not because it wasn’t interesting, it was/is. I just found myself getting no work done. There are 100 posts all covering topics like social media marketing, SEO and so on… I think the best thing to do is bookmark it and digest it in chunks. There’s a lot of great info, tips and tricks on marketing just too much for one sitting. It’s a great article though, thanks Peter P. and everyone at website magazine. Keep up the good work.

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Google Plus Business Pages – 6 things to know about Google+ Pages

The newest social networking site Google+ has recently released a feature that allows businesses, bands or anyone to create a Google Plus business page. A business page is similar to a facebook business page in the sense that its purpose is to create a social presence for a particular brand, whatever that brand may be. However instead of getting “likes” and fans for you page, you get followers and the newly coveted +1 (Plus one) button. There are a lot of benefits to creating a Google + page for your business. Google seems to be integrating Google + into everything. Apps, search results, even advertisements. It will become very important for businesses and brands who have an audience or who want to create an audience, to get started with Google+.

Outlined below are six things to know about Google+ Pages. Be sure to get started with your Google+ page and start growing your Google Plus network.

Six things to know about Google+ Pages;

1. Pages can’t add individual people to their circles unless the page is added by that person first, or unless the page gets “mentioned”. Circles refers to the individual groups in which people classify who they know. Different circles could be, friends, co-workers, college classmates etc. And unless your page is added to someones circle first, you cannot add that person to your page’s circle.

2. Pages, unlike personal profiles can be created for various different entities such as a business, a band, or a charity. Personal profiles are specifically for individual people only. A Google+ page is important because you will now be able to showcase your business within the Google+ platform, without violating the terms of the social network.

3. By default, the privacy settings on your page are set so that it is available to view by anyone. These settings can be adjusted but just be aware that when you first launch your Google+ page, it will be viewable to the public.

4. If you follow a page, and it follows you back (see item 1), but then you decide to unfollow that page, automatically the page will unfollow you. So to stop a page from following you or adding you to their circle, simply unfold it and Google will automatically ensure you are off their list too.

5. All Google pages include the plus one (+1) button. Just as you can “like” a page in facebook, you can “plus one” a Google+ page. This is great because it will allow people to share your page and your content over the Google+ network and also it’s believed that getting a number of +1’s on your page could influence search rank.

6. For local pages, there are certain fields included in the page information that determine the actual location of the business or entity featured which helps people to find the business’ location.

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Social Media Marketing Statistics

Check out this video on social media statistics. Very interesting stuff.

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Use facebook as Your Page – How to Video

Here’s a quick video on how to use facebook as your page. You can post and comment inside of facebook as the identity of your page as opposed to your personal profile. Great for increasing brand awareness.

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Make a Facebook Page for Your Business

Get your business on facebook with a facebook business page. Getting started is easy, and you don’t even need to have an existing facebook account. You will need to register for a personal profile, but this will allow you to have a facebook page, which is a great way to showcase your business.

Below is a step by step tutorial for launching your first facebook page.

Step one is go directly to and locate the link at the bottom of the page that says “create a page”.

After locating and clicking this link you will be asked to choose a category that will best fit your page. If your business is a local business, then choose local business, if you represent a band etc, choose the most appropriate category as seen below.

Once you select the category for your page, you will see a small form appear. Complete this form as best as possible to ensure accurate information for your facebook page. This information will be used in your page once you have completed the process for creating a facebook page.

After completing the form and checking the box to agree to facebook’s terms and conditions, you will then be given a security check. A box will appear and you will need to enter the information as it is displayed. This is done to ensure that the facebook page is being created by an actual person and not an automated program.

Once you enter the letters/numbers from the security box (also known as a captcha) you will be taken to the registration page. If you are new to facebook this is where you will need to create your personal facebook account or profile. Per Facebook’s terms and conditions anyone who wants to create a facebook page, must first be registered with a personal profile. If you are not interested in using facebook for personal communication you don’t have to do much with your personal account, but you do need to register one. Or you may want to consider a facebook business account. If you already have a facebook account, check the box in the top left that says “I have an existing facebook account” and proceed to log-in under your profile.

Once you log-in or create your new account, you will be taken directly to your new facebook business page. At this point you have created a basic facebook page. However, there is still lots to do before you have lots of followers and popular page. The first step will be to add a profile picture. This picture or image should clearly demonstrate what your page is about. If you have company logo add it as your profile picture so visitors coming to your page will know who’s page they are visiting.

Once you have added your profile picture you will want to get to know the facebook platform. There is a bit of a learning curve but take your time and it won’t be long before your facebook page is full of great information and has lots of followers and fans!

During the initial creation of your facebook page, facebook recommends that you perform certain tasks. Those tasks are shown as steps 1-6 on your home screen. Only you as the page administrator can see these tasks but as you add information to your page, be sure to complete these steps and grow your page’s audience.

If you would like Social Networkz to build and grow your social media presence for you, let us know and we’d be happy to help you get started with social media marketing.

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New Google Toolbar – The New Google Toolbar is Here

Today 12-5-2011 is the debut of the new look of the Google toolbar. The new navigation bar which display’s a left hand drop down menu as opposed to links across the top, is a new take on how we will interact with our favorite search engine. The first link is “You”, the link which has been promoting the new social network Google+ for the past several months. Google has made a huge push with Google+ recently by incorporating the new social network into everything they can, including YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine. 5th from the top in the new toolbar, is the link “YouTube”. YouTube recently got a new design and some other features as well, including a big emphasis on social by incorporating videos posted from Google+.

Mostly the new toolbar provides the same links as before, just with a new look. Now it’s a drop down menu which ultimately, I feel, gets in the way. It seems to clutter up the page now. If you go to the bottom of the drop down and hover over the “more” link a sub navigation pane opens covering even more search “real estate”. However, you can now see more of your favorite Google apps without ever leaving the search results page and maybe this is what Google had in mind?

Or maybe it was just time for a change. The new look is definitely an update to a more modern Internet feel. And as we know, the Internet is accessed more and more simply by apps. So a push to more prominently display applications seems to make sense.

Other additions to the new toolbar seem to occur as you interact with the category links. For example, the news link takes you to the same Google News section, but there are some cool new features within the news section, such as “personalize Google news”. There’s a 60 second video showing you what this is about and it’s really neat. You can adjust the amount of news you receive by using a slider bar. Pick the category and adjust how often you would like to receive updates from that particular topic. You can also add any news topic you are interested in to your news feed. Good bye Google alerts? Probably not. But now you can get news on anything you are interested in right from the Google News section. I like this feature a lot.

Maps is pretty much the same save for the little link at the bottom asking if you want to try something new. Click this link and you are given information on Maps GL a new experimental map from Google, I haven’t used it yet but it claims you are able to:
“View 3D buildings and seamless 45° aerial view rotations and ‘Swoop’ quickly from the map view to Street View imagery, without a plugin.”

Ultimately it appears to be an improvement on how we search and interact with the web. Google has made tremendous effort to bring local information and now social information to our search results. With more people using location based apps and including everything in their social networking, it appears they are moving in the right direction. Thanks Google. Check out the new Google Toolbar for yourself and see what it’s all about.

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YouTube has a new Design – And it Seems to Emphasize Social

YouTube has launched a new design today (12-2-11) and it appears that now is the time to start optimizing your channel to showcase your brand. Also, distributing your videos not only on YouTube but on social networks, especially Google Plus is now a must. You can see from the new look that YouTube is emphasizing a few key areas.

When signed in to your account, near the top you will see “recommended videos” based on what you have watched in the past etc.

Below that however you will see “videos posted to Google +” – Wow! YouTube is crawling Google+ for videos and displaying them on the home page. Very cool.

Also on the right hand side you will see “trending” videos followed by the featured stuff… But It looks pretty cool and the fact that YouTube is displaying videos taken from it’s new social networking site Google+ right on it’s home page seems very interesting.

I would bet that getting a google+ for your business and optimizing your channel for what it is you offer, would be a good idea right about now.

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Facebook for Business – Facebook is one of the top lead generation channels.

New studies have shown that facebook is one of the top methods used by small business owners to connect with customers and prospects. In feet, over 70% of small businesses claim facebook to be one of the top four resources used to find and connect with new customers. The only other methods that beat out facebook were, email at #1. Followed by face-to-face. Then telephone, and then facebook at number four. However, even though facebook is listed at number four, it’s the youngest communication channel of the three that come before it. Does that mean that within a few years facebook will overtake email? Facebook can be a great way to generate new leads and new customers if done right. Creating a business page, getting fans, and boosting your social media presence will take a little time and effort but if done correctly and done today, you will soon find yourself way ahead of the competition as facebook continues to move up the list of effective communication channels. Get ahead by getting started with your facebook business page today.

Twitter was the number five social network with 46% of small business owners claiming that it was an effective way to connect with new customers. Personally I believe that this number could be higher but unfortunately there seems to be an under use of twitter and its potential effectiveness for a business that want to use social media marketing to gain market share. The thing about using twitter for business is that if you are willing to connect and share with others in your industry, you will find yourself with an audience. But you have to do it right. The key to having success with twitter and any social network for that matter, is to first follow, before you can be followed. Many people and businesses join twitter thinking that because they have a great offering people will flock to follow them. Unless you already have an established brand this will not be the case. And even those who do have an established brand, if they are not providing their followers with timely and interesting content, they will find their social media marketing efforts on twitter falling short.

In behind twitter was LinkedIn the social networking site which connects professionals. LinkedIn is actually the third largest social network behind facebook and twitter but is still largely under utilized. For small business looking to create a presence with social media marketing, LinkedIn should definitely be a part of that approach. LinkedIn has many social sharing opportunities to spread the word about your company or service and they seem to be rolling out new features every few months. Like facebook, you will want to create two profiles, a personal profile showcasing you as a person. This will allow people to connect with you on a more personal level, and a LinkedIn business profile for your business. This will allow you to demonstrate your business as a brand and send your marketing message into the world of social media marketing. Creating profiles and business pages on at least the top three social networks will be the first step toward your success in social media marketing.

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Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Competition

Outlined below are three simple steps that can be used to effectively promote your facebook business page by leveraging the traffic and fan base of your competition and larger companies.

Step 1. Find and Post information that is interesting.
A facebook page, and social media in general is about sharing. So be sure to share lots information with your audience. An easy way to start doing this is to just post information that you think is interesting. Even if it’s a link to another website, or a blog written by someone else. A common obstacle with this is that businesses don’t want to take the chance that someone will leave their page and go to a competitors page. Well, in today’s world of social sharing, it’s impossible to keep people on your site for very long. However, the question for websites today is — can you bring them back? If your page offers interesting information again and again, people will begin to use your site or page as a resource. They will follow you and connect with you on all the important social networks and soon you will find yourself with a loyal group of followers. And as long as you continue to provide them with interesting information, they will come back again and again. Don’t make the mistake of using all the posts on your facebook page just to promote your product or service. People will not respond and will likely not come back too often. Use your page to connect with facebook users. Ask questions, communicate directly with users (if appropriate) and most of all share information, even if the information isn’t yours.

Step 2. Connect with others in your industry.
The theme of social networking is sharing. Who better to talk about your product or service with than those in your own industry. Trade ideas, ask questions. Comment on their blogs, and connect with them on other social networking sites. It stands to reason that people interested in reading what your “competition” has to say about a particular topic, may be interested in what you have to say as well. If you are connected with these individuals in some way, people will find you, find your information and follow you to see what your opinion or offering might be. If you join the conversation you will undoubtedly be heard by others and those others could be future business partners, customers or clients.
Be sure to connect and use social networking for what it’s for, sharing and networking.

Step 3. Leverage the traffic of other facebook pages.
Chances are you aren’t running a fortune 500 company. If you are that’s great, and you can still use a facebook business page to promote your company. But if you are a small business that doesn’t have the name or brand recognition that some of the top brands in the world do, you can use this strategy to gain visibility for your facebook business page.
The first thing to do is to go to the facebook pages of the largest companies in your industry, or companies that are related to your industry or business and “like” their page. Once you do this, you will be able to comment on their wall. In essence what you are doing is using the large audience of the big companies to generate possible interest in your offerings. Now again, like posting on others’ blogs or websites you don’t want to blatantly promote your business. But if you make thoughtful, intelligent comments on others postings you can essentially leverage the traffic of the large companies and generate some interest to your page. Remember to post as your page and not your profile.

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Small businesses looking for affordable and effective ways to reach new customers are using “The facebook business page” or just, “facebook page” as it’s more commonly known. On facebook, an individual has a “profile” and a business has a “page”.

To be able to setup a business page on facebook, you will first need a personal profile. If you are already on facebook, you have a profile. If you have never used facebook before, you will need to set up a new profile. It takes only a minute and is completely free. Once you have a profile created, you will now be able to create your business page.

Creating a business page in facebook is quite easy, and can be completed in just a few steps. Simply click the link that says, “create a page” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have completed the basic steps for your page, the next step is to share some information on your page. The easiest way to share on facebook is through pictures. You also want your company logo on your page. However, it has been shown that a more personal photo will generate a better response. Facebook is about connecting with people and people will connect with those they trust and seem real. So be sure to add as many photos of you and your business as you can

After you have created your basic profile, launched your business page, and up-loaded some photos, you are ready to start promoting your page and getting what are called “likes”. In the world of facebook, the more likes you have, the greater the reach your message has. So the number one thing you want to focus on when starting your facebook business page, is growing your audience with “likes”. The easiest way to get likes, is by asking family and friends to “like” your page. All facebook users will know what it means when you ask them to “like your page”. Another way to grow on facebook is to ask customers or associates to like your page. If they like you in real life, they should have no problem liking you on facebook too. You can also offer incentives in exchange for a like on facebook like a discount of your goods or services etc. Every time you share and interact with your audience, you are creating opportunity for more likes. When you share with your fans, your information is seen by your fans, and the friends of fans as well. And the more likes you have, the greater the reach of your message.

Another way to get likes, is to pay for them by advertising on facebook. The use of facebook and all it’s features are completely free and as facebook claims on their homepage, “It always will be”. However, you do have the option to advertise to a very targeted audience. Facebook advertising can be very effective, just be sure to set budgets and spending limits so that you don’t accidentally spend too much money. Advertising on facebook is the fastest way to get likes to your facebook page. There is also the ability to precisely target your audience on facebook. You can set very specific criteria and ensure only the most relevant users are going to see your advertising.

Lastly – Remember to share. The key to your success on facebook will be based directly on, how often you share information that you and your audience are interested in. The key to any social media is going to be the sharing of information. And the more you give, the more you will get back. Get in the habit of taking a few minutes each day if possible to share any links, data, reports or news stories, or anything that your audience might be interested in. Keep it relevant to your business, and you will be well on your way to growing your facebook business page.

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Getting my Business on Facebook – 3 Easy Steps for Getting Started on Facebook

With the popularity of facebook soaring, there are tremendous opportunities for business owners who are looking to connect with their customers using social media.

Step 1:
If you are new to facebook, the first thing you will need to do is sign up (for free) and get your personal facebook profile. This will be created under your name, not your business name. Do not try to create your profile under your business name, it will end up causing you problems with your accounts. There will be a time to promote your business but it is not during the initial sign up process. After creating your personal profile, you will have access to the system. Take some time to learn how the system works. There is a learning curve. Add a photo of yourself and start looking for friends, family, co-workers and colleagues. You will be surprised by how many people you know are already using facebook. You will learn more about how facebook works the more you use it, but once you sign up for your personal profile, you will be able to create a page for your business. As we proceed to step 2, try to remember that a “profile” is your personal account, and a “page” is for your business.

Step 2:
Create a page for your business. In step one you created a personal profile in order to get started using the facebook system. Now that you have your profile created, its time to set up your page. “Pages” was developed by facebook for business owners who wanted to promote their brand and connect with customers and “fans”. A page is different from a profile in the following ways:

Facebook Pages are visible to everyone. Even people who aren’t logged in to Facebook can see Facebook Pages.
A user profile, on the other hand, can only be seen by the user’s friends and others in her networks.

Facebook Pages can have an unlimited number of fans.
Personal profiles can have up to 5,000 friends.

Facebook users can support your Facebook Page without confirmation.
Personal profiles have to approve all incoming friend requests.

Creating your business page: While logged in to your personal account, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link, “create a page” – Clicking this link will take you to a screen where you will provide your business name and industry category. You will agree to facebook terms and conditions and you are on your way to getting your business on facebook.

Step 3:
Share what you have to offer on your page. Your facebook page is like your personal facebook profile in the sense that it’s all about sharing who you are. In this case you are sharing your professional persona. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back. Let people in and let people see who you are as a business or organization. Pictures of your day to day operations may be more interesting than you think. Always remember that photos and links and videos are a valuable way to share on social networks. Remember that social networking is not about you. Its about what you are giving to others. Whether it be knowledge or product information, you have to offer something to your fans. Connecting, Liking, posting and commenting on other pages that are in your network or industry will be the key to getting free exposure on facebook and other social networks. By liking other pages and commenting on other posts that are interesting and relevant to you and your business, you will be exposing your business page to interested readers. People who are interested in your topic will likely be connected to the same pages you are. So, when you comment on posts and status updates on these pages, people will see your brand more and more and bring traffic and interest to your page as well.

Always remember that sharing and connecting with others on social networking platforms will be the key to your success.

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Use Your Facebook Account as Your “Page” in 3 steps

When you are the administrator of a fan page on facebook, you have the ability to navigate through facebook, post links, update status and more, as the identity of your page. For example, when I log into my account, I am logged on as Peter Garian. So when I post a link or update my status, it is displayed on facebook as “Peter Garian”. However, if I wanted to share and post on facebook using the name of my page, this would also possible. When you switch to “use as page” everything you share and post on facebook will show up as being posted by your page. It’s a great tool for when you are engaging the audience that would be interested in your page.

3 Steps for Using your Facebook account as Your Page

Step 1.
Click “Account” in the upper right corner.

Step 2.
After clicking on the account link you will see a drop down menu. Choose “use facebook as page”.

Step 3.
A window will open up showing all facebook pages that you administer. Choose “Switch” to change over and use facebook as your page.

Now when you use facebook, any links you post, and any status updates you make, will be made under the name of your page.

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What is Google Plus? New Social Networking Site

After receiving an invite to Google’s new social networking platform Google+ I was pretty excited.
The interface is easy to use and seems to have a short learning curve.

Google+ also has some other interesting features. One of which is called Circles, and it seems to redefine the way we “friend” on social networking sites. With facebook you pretty much have to choose – friends or not friends. There are some advanced settings that can help you share content with only certain people, but it requires you pay attention. However with with “Circles” your boss and co-workers are not in the same “friend pile” as your college frat buddies therefore easily allowing you to share content with certain people and not others, and it does this almost automatically. Circles allows you to filter your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family all into different categories or circles. Circles also gives you the ability to choose which content you share with which friends. Very cool feature.

Other features of the new Google Plus: (or as they like to be called Google+ which probably takes a page from Prince’s playbook. Google will soon be called: Google+ The Search Engine formerly known as….)

Stream – Your stream is like your newsfeed that you see with facebook. When you log in, just like FB, you are taken to the home page where you will see the most recent activity. It will update you with activity from friends and others. And similar to other social networking sites, you will be able to see what’s happening in real time through your “stream”.

Sparks – This feature brings you information about topics you are interested in, right to your profile. Unlike your “newsfeed” your sparks feature generates content based on the “spark” you have shown interest in. For example, if you are someone interested in running/jogging, you choose the topic “running” in your sparks category. Now, when you check your “sparks” – you will be fed information from Google search that Google believes to be the most relevant based on your interest in “running.” You will be able to see the most recent and most relevant information on your topics of interest or Sparks, as they happen!

Hangouts – Google+ allows users to socialize using video chat with the feature “Hangouts.” Video chat is nothing new. However, Google Plus is the first social networking platform to offer it. At this time a max of 10 people can all “hang out” at the same time. The main speaker of the “hangout” is featured in the center of the window; the screens showing everyone else in the group are in a row at the bottom. While connected, users can share links in a text chat which is typical of most chat programs. However, with Google+ Hangouts, you will have the ability to watch YouTube videos at the same time and all from within the same screen.

Here is what the dashboard looks like for new users:

It seems that Google Plus will be a force to be reckoned with. So many people are are using Google search. Now, from this point on, your social networking experience will become more and more integrated into Google Search results. You will see what other friends and acquaintances are using and recommending through Google and that’s the real power of social media and social networking.

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5 steps to better social networking with facebook

1) Share and be open – what made facebook so great for most businesses (and not so great for others) is the fact that it requires openness in order to work. Companies who are hiding something, or are not who they say they are, cannot last long in the social net. But for those companies who embrace it, social media will open up tremendous opportunities.

2) It’s not about you – It’s all about connection. No longer is the social net filled with faceless chat-rooms. Real people are using social media to connect. Their pictures and status are on display, they have families and friends, some of whom you may know! Don’t contact anyone and say, “Hi, have you seen my new widget?”. Connect first, then talk about meetings and lunches and widgets. Find people of like mind in facebook groups and other networking sites. Be real and connect.

3) Be clear – Approaching someone in the social media world, is much like approaching someone in the real world. Be clear when introducing yourself. You wouldn’t go up to a stranger and start mumbling a bunch of stuff that your company does without making a connection first. Be clear on who you are and what you want, but make sure you are establishing a connection as best you can. Making a connection online is easier than in person for the most part because it is done electronically. But remember, there is a real person on the other end, and you don’t want to do away with common courtesy.

4) Be concise – keeping in spirit with the above statement about common courtesy, when you are looking to connect with someone online, keep it short. People have way too much going on to read your paragraph of information. Less is more with social networking. Be direct and to the point and you are more likely to receive a response. Also, if you don’t receive a response, don’t comment on it. People don’t have to respond to you.

5) Add value – Remember to add value. Just introducing yourself and being polite will not ultimately get you what you are looking for. So be sure to explain what you do and how it can benefit the other person. People want to know what’s in it for them. And if you don’t tell them, everyone could lose out. So be clear about what you do that adds value.

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